Back to live his dream
after a five-year hiatus, Chen Jia Kai now plans to make his mark in the local music industry
Sharon Wong The Sun

`I intend to grasp this opportunity
and make the most of it. It would be
like giving myself a second chance."

– Chen Jia Kai

years ago, Chen Jia Kai left a budding ­singing career to pursue his further studies but he is back and is all set to once again leave his mark in the local music industry

A man of few words, the introverted Chen nevertheless has a strong selling point – his excellent vocals.

Although a tad nervous about his return after having been away for so long, his passion for music and songwriting has not dimmed through the passage of time.

And he is fortunate to have the support of all his friends and his recording company, Rock Records.

During the past five years, ­although he has been ­concentrating on his studies, Chen kept his link with music intact by ­performing ­whenever the ­opportunity arose. But not once did he ­entertain the thought of  returning to the music scene after his studies.

It was not until after his graduation and a ­subsequent nine-to-five job when he was ­approached by Rock Records that the idea struck.

After much consideration, he decided to take up the challenge.

“After completing my ­studies, there’s now more space and freedom for me to make a career choice,” he said.

“I intend to grasp this ­opportunity and make the most of it. It would be like ­giving ­myself a second chance.

“It’s also a fresh challenge for me. After all, I ­believe that there is no way I can hide from music completely. It’s like a worm in my body and if I can’t kill it, then I might as well feed it.”

Although he has been away from the limelight for some years, Chen has no regrets as it was his own ­decision to ­pursue his studies.

But now that he has decided to go back full force to his singing career, he has the full support of his family.

“They’ve been very ­supportive of my ­decisions all along,” he said. “That is, as long as I’m not doing anything bad.”

In keeping with his new ­image as a singer, Chen now sports a new hairstyle and ­wardrobe – all ­specially ­created  for him in ­Taiwan.

Even his ­album cover (left) was shot in ­Taiwan.

The album titled Na Han (Shout) contains eight new tracks and three of his old hits. It is now ­available in the market.

According to ­renowned Taiwanese music producer/songwriter/singer Jonathan Lee, regardless of his songwriting talents or his singing ability, Chen ­definitely has what it takes to make it in the industry.

Lee is looking forward to hearing about Chen’s ­success in the ­Malaysian music scene soon.

And apparently, Rock Records also has every ­intention of promoting him and his album overseas.

But as far as Chen is ­concerned, he is already rather contented just singing and ­writing his songs. Anything else that comes out of it will be a bonus for him, he said.

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